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Welcome to Smith Taylormade Sausages. We have been making quality sausages since 1973.
Using only quality fresh meat, we produce a range of sausages using both traditional and modern recipes.

All the pork used in our Smith Taylormade Sausages is of the very highest quality, lean but with just the right amount of fat to give it that succulent flavour and texture which is the trademark for a quality British Sausage.

We can also provide tailor-made products for specific recipes or requirements, including MSG free products (monosodium glutamate free).

Our customers include British Airways, Stena Line, Singapore Airlines, as well as the local high street butcher.

A company based on tradition

Smith Taylormade was formed in 1973, headed up by Ted Sheady, as part of the original butchers shop (“Dick Smith”) in Edmonton, North London, supplying nearly all of the butcher shops in London with sausages. Ted employed Peter Roker at the age of 15 who entered into the fine art of sausage making. After having run the business for 37 years, Ted had decided to start taking a back seat.

Sausage Wholesaler in Hertfordshire

Maintaining the same high standards

In 2002 Peter took over the business with Ted still playing a major part in helping him to take the business forward. Some 19 years later, and now known to the world as “Lord Sausage”, under the stewardship of Peter, Smith Taylormade moved premises from the old butcher shop in Edmonton to a purpose built, 2740 square foot, FSA approved Sausage Plant which now supplies airlines, shipping fleets & colleges as well as the old butcher shops where it all stared back in 1973.

Sausage & Meat Wholesale Producer in Hertfordshire

FSA Approved

The team at Smith Taylormade are all committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality and production. We invest heavily in training and as a FSA approved wholesaler, our sausage & meat products are produced in the UK from the highest quality ingredients. 90% of our meat is sourced in England.

High standards of sausage production

Our locally sourced Saddleback Pigs

All our sausages are hand made every morning with care and attention ensuring freshness and quality! We are passionate about the quality of our produce!

FSA Approved wholesale sausage retailer
Wholesale supplier of pork ribs to the Chinese Trade

We supply to the Chinese Trade

  • Meaty Pork Ribs.
  • Belly Pork.
Local sausage producer in herfordshire

Established links with the wholesale market

  • 90% of our meat is sourced in England.
  • No mechanically reclaimed meat.
  • 5* hygiene rating.
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Meatiest Pork Ribs in London – Winners 2014.

With our friends at The Smoke Stak.

Locally produced Sausages in Hertfordshire using only the finest ingredients.